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Becoming a new parent at any time is stressful, but adding a new little one during a pandemic is a reality that many new parents are facing. Here are a few ways that you can support family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers who have recently become new parents.

It is tempting to want to see the new baby, but let the parents be the guide with what they are comfortable with. Abiding by their wishes for health precautions should be their (and your) number one priority.

Ask to set up a Zoom or Facetime call so that you can congratulate the new family and get to see the new little one. Allow them to set the time that is best for their schedules, and be flexible, as little ones are not on a tight schedule. Encourage parents to reschedule if they seem stressed and keep the conversation short for their convenience.

Like with any newborn, dropping off a meal is always welcome. During this time, it might even be better to simply drop a gift card in the mail so they can use it when they want.

Help with a chore. While many things need to be done inside the house, see if there are other things you can help new parents with. Mowing the lawn, dropping off a package of diapers, or seeing if there is something you can pick up from the store will be much appreciated.

For parents that need to return to work after their new child arrives, there are special things to keep in mind. For parents that are returning to front-line jobs, extra stress is bound to be a part of their day. A smile, encouraging word, or a little treat can go a long way to making them feel like they can make it through another day.

New parents that are returning to work-from-home situations will have different stresses. They may feel trapped in the house, so offer to take a socially distant walk so they can get out. Dropping off a gift at their doorstep is always encouraging.

Lockdown has not been easy on anyone, but with parents that are balancing a newborn, these are just a few tips that could help ease them into life with a little one.