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Many schools are doing virtual classes this year. It keeps kids safe while making sure they are able to continue their education at some capacity. However, it does require that at least one parent be on board with the educational needs of their children. If you have been designated as the teaching parent, you will find that you may need to help your children with their virtual classes a lot. Here is what that looks like.

Stick to a Schedule

It is very easy to sleep in and not go to class. After all, the classes are recorded and you can watch them whenever. However, not forming a schedule and sticking to it creates a lot of problems for your children. They are unable to focus when you finally sit down and expect them to learn and they lack the self-discipline to sit down and work. If your school district has classes online at specific times, everyone gets up and gets to work right then and there. Homework assignments can be completed between classes such that your children can enjoy whatever time off they have later in the day.

Choose a Specific Spot in the House

For most families, virtual school ends up being the family’s kitchen table. It works, and it establishes that school is right there, not in a bed, or on a floor, or any environment in which one can easily become distracted. If you are working from home in order to be the home-schooling parent, set up your laptop on the kitchen table too. The table becomes everyone’s workspace. Make the space as much of a desk as you can so that it feels more like school/work.

Familiarize Yourself with How the Virtual Platform Works

Being supportive of virtual learning for your kids means knowing how the learning platform works. If you don’t know, you’ll struggle to help them with their homework or with logging in and out of classes. Spend an hour navigating through the platform on the day before classes start so that you can be the best possible “home teacher” you can be for your children. If your children are using different platforms, be sure to learn all of them.