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Reading is an important part of your child’s academic and personal growth. If your child isn’t naturally inclined towards reading, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways you can encourage them to enjoy literature.

Read Aloud to Your Child

Reading out loud to your child is one of the best ways to encourage reading. They’re likely to mirror the behavior they see in their parents, so show how you prioritize literature by reading to them on a consistent basis. Even after your child has learned to read on their own, you should still continue reading to them. Select books that are slightly above your child’s reading level that they can still understand. This will build their vocabulary and encourage good questions!

Visit the Library Often

Libraries have a great selection of books available to elementary school aged children. Try to visit on a regular basis so your child will have something to look forward to. Empowering your child to choose which books they want to borrow will also encourage them to read. Many libraries even offer the option for your child to receive their own library card (but still link it back to your family’s account).

Make Reading a Habit

Try to establish reading as a habit. Consider setting aside a little time before bed for your child to read independently or for you to read aloud to them. Encourage reading during other times, too! Pack books when you go on road trips or for when you’ll be waiting somewhere for extended periods of time.

Give Books as Gifts

Books make great gifts! You can include a handwritten note on the inside cover for a special, more personal touch. Another good option is a magazine subscription. This ensures that your child will receive new reading material every month. You could also encourage relatives to give your child a book. If they don’t know what to pick out, they could give them a gift card to a local bookstore so that they can select their own.

By spending time reading with your child, encouraging the habit, and providing them with plenty of material, your child will grow to love reading! The process doesn’t have to be daunting. These steps are a great place to start!