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It feels like podcasts become more and more popular with each passing day, and it makes sense. People are busier than ever, constantly on the move, and they need something to passively listen to while they go through the day to day. Whether it be while they work, drive, clean, or practically anything else, podcasts can be a wonderful source of entertainment and knowledge. This has even extended to children, with various podcasts existing purely for kids to both teach and entertain them. Check out a few of these podcasts if you want your child to listen to something educational on that next long car ride.

But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids

As we all know, kids love to ask questions. Sometimes we don’t have the answers to those questions, whether it be due to us just not knowing the answer or just because the question is absolutely nonsensical. That’s what But Why is here for. The show is produced by Vermont Public Radio and every episode begins with a recording of a child asking a question that will end up being the topic of the show. All questions are asked by actual listeners, so it’s encouraged to send in any questions your kids may have. Once the question is asked, experts come in to discuss the question in a way that will make sense to children.


Science can be fascinating for children and it’s often one of their favorite subjects due to the various interesting experiments you can do. Explaining why these scientific reactions happen to your children can be more difficult than you might think though. Enter Tumble. This podcast is all about kids who want to learn about science, and hosts Lindsay and Marshall make each episode informative, interesting and most importantly, fun. Each episode involves Lindsay and Marshall discussing various science-related topics with their expert guest hosts while making it fun and understandable for children of all ages.

Noodle Loaf

Music is wonderful and it’s important that children learn about it at a young age in order to get a good understanding and appreciation of it. That’s why Dan Saks created Noodle Loaf, a bite-sized podcast all about creating music and having fun. Dan is a father of 2 as well as being a music education professional, making him perfect for this job. He often gets his children involved with the show, and you can even send in a recording of your child singing songs that Dan will mix together into a big children’s choir.