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With Easter just around the corner, It’s the perfect time for parents to figure out gifts for the kids. The following are some great inexpensive Easter gift ideas for children


What’s more fitting than eggs at Easter time? With these toys, children will get to hatch their own animals out of these eggs. Note that this is not edible, however, so make sure your children are safe when playing with these.

Painting Easter Themed Project

Easter colors are bright and fun. Give your children a colorful activity book full of projects. They’ll stay busy painting Easter-themed illustrations while you can prepare for any upcoming family tradition parties. Kids of all ages, even adults, love a good coloring project.

The Velveteen Rabbit Book

The “Velveteen Rabbit” is an Easter classic. It’s a perfect children’s gift throughout the year, really. The beautifully illustrated book has a great message about the power of love and friendship over time.

Cadbury Eggs

Cadbury eggs are an Easter staple. These chocolate eggs with cream inside are perfect for any basket. You can even buy them in a smaller child-size form so kids don’t overindulge. You might even find yourself stealing these from your children’s basket.

Sidewalk Chalk Easter Set

Sidewalk chalk is fun in all sorts of colors. It’s perfect to break out on Easter once the nice, Spring air hits. Get out the chalk set and create some cool Easter scenes on the driveway.