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Being outdoors offers families opportunities to have fun and establish closer bonds. Certain outdoor activities are particularly well-suited for families and allow each member to participate fully. These five outdoor activities are some family favorites!


Camping provides the perfect chance to break away from everyday life and spend some time in the wilderness. Families can choose to camp in tents or stay in their RVs. Local campsites or even your family’s backyard can provide an ideal setting for camping. A family can grow even closer by limiting their use of electronic devices during their time among nature.

Plant a Garden

Adults and children can pitch in to plant a beautiful family garden. The garden can include plants, flowers and planted seeds for growing fruits and vegetables as additional food sources. Statuettes, birdhouses, and scarecrows are other additions that can make gardens more visually appealing. Families can even work together to create garden labyrinths that consist of twigs, stones, and unmowed grass. Get the entire family involved when you plant a garden. Have your kids help choose which vegetables they would like to plant and then eat. 

Hide and Seek

This classic game can be played in many outdoor settings. One person who is chosen to be the seeker must look for all the other players who are hiding. This game can be particularly exciting to play in wooded areas where there are many creative places to hide. To keep everyone safe, it is best to establish some rules before playing the game. You can create your own set of rules to make it feel more personal and unique to your family. 

Jump Roping

Jump roping offers one of the simplest ways to enjoy outdoor fun while fitting in some exercise. In fact, an hour of jump roping can burn up to 500 calories for a 100-pound person. This activity is also good for improving endurance and cardiovascular health. Family members can either use their own individual jump ropes or a longer rope that is turned by one person at each end.


Nothing is better on a hot summer day than to go for an outdoor swim. Families can choose to go swimming at public pools, local waterparks or in their own backyard pools. Games like Marco Polo can also be played while in the water. Before going swimming, everyone should review the proper safety guidelines to prevent any hazards in the water.

These activities offer just a few ways for families to have fun outdoors. All family members should be encouraged to participate in these activities so that everyone can have a good time.