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Having a pet teaches a child how to love and care for another living creature while also providing valuable lessons in responsibility. Not all pets are created equal, however, and choosing one for your child should involve careful consideration. Depending on the needs of your family, these pets might be a good fit.


A fish is the easiest pet to manage because it requires minimal care while also being interesting to your child. Depending on the fish chosen and how many of them you have, the care required may be more or less. If your family travels a lot or has a busy schedule, a fish is the perfect pet to add to your brood.


Felines require more work than fish, but still allow you to manage your busy lives without needing to be home a lot. Having a cat does involve frequent cleaning of the litter box, regular feeding, routine vet visits, and exercise, so make sure you have a reasonable amount of time to invest before adopting.


You can’t go wrong with man’s best friend, right? While that’s true if you have the time and help to care for a dog, they do require a lot of attention and will not work best with families that aren’t home a lot. Dogs need to be let out to use the bathroom regularly, exercised often, fed twice daily, given routine veterinary attention, and provided with lots of love and affection.


Not just for Easter, a rabbit is a great family pet for those with older children who can respect the space such an animal needs. Rabbits like to roam and get plenty of exercise, but they can also be quite destructive so they should have a large space specifically dedicated to them where they can explore without getting into any trouble.

Other Pets

There are several other pets that may fit well into your family, including a guinea pig, turtle, bird, lizard, and hamster. As with any pet, research should be done prior to taking one home to ensure that you and your child are properly equipped to care for it.