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Family Life

Ralph Byer’s Story

Ralph Byer, of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, understands the importance of family and how civic and charitable engagement is to the development of young minds. In particular, Ralph finds his focus and effort on adoption and foster care, especially within his local community.

Jewish Adoption and Foster Care Options (JAFCO) is an organization that Ralph is heavily involved in, along with his wife. JAFCO provides high-quality services such as foster care, adoption, family preservation, mentoring, and more. The JAFCO’s Children’s Village, which holds an Emergency Shelter and six Group Homes, is one of the more unique and innovative programs in the nation.

JAFCO has a Children’s Ability Center that supports families raising children with developmental disabilities through family enrichment, resources, and respite care that takes place all within a singular state-of-the-art center.

Ralph Byer’s passion for adoption and foster care stems from his belief that every child should have the opportunity to live within a family unit. Ralph believes that one can make a difference

in the life of a child with much needed love and support and that every child should have a place to belong.

Ralph Byer sees the future of adoption and foster care in the United States increasing as time goes on. With systems that aren’t always set up to further a child’s future and chance at finding the place they truly belong, there is a lot of work to do beginning at a community level to take care of these children. With adoption and foster care being such important elements in our society, Ralph believes that they should be at the forefront of today’s media rather than a background

discussion. All the while, Ralph Byer firmly believes that this discussion should never stop and efforts should never be halted to ensure that children know they have a place to call home and feel that they belong.

To keep updated on the latest from Ralph Byer in regards to his insights, perspectives, and thoughts on the state of adoption and foster care in the United States, be sure to check back often! You can learn more about Ralph’s involvement in his community by visiting his community engagement website as well as learning more about his passion for cars with a simple click to visit his automotive website.


Ralph Byer has been involved with the Sheriff’s Foundation of Broward County, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation, and the Jewish Adoption and Foster Care Options (JAFCO).

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