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A large portion of the United States is now practicing distance learning, homeschooling, and remote learning due to the pandemic, all while trying to juggle their usual personal and professional responsibilities. 

This is a highly stressful time for many and it’s important to recognize that. For parents educating their children from home as you work to keep your family safe and complete your regular daily tasks, keep a few of these homeschooling tips in mind for the best results.  

Know Their Interests

Pay attention to topics that your children enjoy and the activities that they like to do. You may be able to steer them towards specific learning that is focused on their individual interests, making it easier for them to focus and put their best foot forward. This can mean fewer challenges with homework and a better chance that your children will stay involved despite their schooling taking place in their own home. 

Utilize Online Resources

Take advantage of the numerous free and inexpensive online resources that are currently available. However, try not to get overwhelmed, as right now, there is quite an array of options. Choose a few that work well for your family, focus on those, and do your best with them. If you find that they aren’t working for you, simply try another option and fine what works best.

Create a Learning Space

Make sure that your home has a dedicated space for your child to focus on their school work. Ensure that they have a bit of room to spread out their books and papers, access their computer, and that the space is quiet enough for them to work. Consider providing them with headphones or earplugs if there is a large amount of household noise during the day. 

Be Kind to Yourself

Perhaps most importantly, one must understand that you are taking on several roles at once, trying to balance them all during a national crisis. Do the best that you can for your family each day, and help everyone stay calm, healthy, and safe. Children learn a great deal just from being around their parents and accomplishing daily tasks, so even if you have some less-than-perfect days, they will be fine. It’s just as important that they see you doing your best to teach them and be present for them as it is for you to ensure they are receiving the best education possible.